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Kenneth Williams Blue Plaque Unveiling Sunday 1... Sign In or Register to add photos

I was honoured to be present at the unveiling of the new blue plaque on the flat in Bloomsbury where he grew up. It seems a far more appropriate location than the one which graced the wrong floor of his last flat, on Osnaburgh Street. The plaque was unveiled by dear Nicholas Parsons (on whose Edinburgh show I have made many happy appearances) and Bill Pertwee, whom I did not, alas get to meet. I DID meet, later, Frank Williams, the Vicar from Dad's Army, and so am delighted to have been photographed with two of the cast members of the beloved show, in the last two weeks (see my pics with Clive Dunn). I performed two songs at the lunch afterwards, which I hope someone recorded. I sang (unaccompanied because Mike Read, who was supposed to accompany me, forgot to bring his guitar. Couldn't Cliff have couriered one over?) Crepe Suzette and Green Grow My Nadgers, Oh!
Barbara and Tony Waslin-Ashbridge
The veil falls
Parsons and Pertwee
With Frank Williams
With the ever-gorgeous Valerie Leon
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