Me and some famous people Me and some famous people With Victor Spinetti, Edinburgh 2007 24133415 Edinburgh whores 2007 With the evergreen Nicholas Parsons and the lovely Matthew Kelly 24133416 The Wooden Overcoat In the studio in Cardiff, November 2007 for Mark Gatiss' adaptation of The Wooden Overcoat. With David Tennant and Julia Davis 24133417 The Two David Bensons! With David Benson-Philips - whose fan mail I have in the past received - at Edinburgh 2007 24133721 with Pamela Cundell 2008 aka Mrs Fox from Dad's Army. Miss Cundell is Queen of the Concert Artistes Association, where this picture was taken in 2008 (see links page) and is as delightfully effusive and enthusiastic as she was in her Dad's army days. 24133722 with Britt Ekland 2008 Miss Ekland shared a venue and a dressing room with me at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh during our 2008 Fringe runs. I found her delightful, very sweet and kind. 24133723 with Michael Barrymore 2008 Amazing who you run into in the Assembly Rooms club bar! Mr. Barrymore was performing his show about Spike Milligan in 2008 so I took the opportunity to say hello. He neither knew nor, I am sure, cared who I was but was happy to pose for this snap with me. 24133724 with David Walliams 2005 on the set of Little Britain Series 3. I have known David to say hello to since 1998 and was glad to be asked to play a tiny role in Little Britain in July 2005. A bigger role would have been even better. 24137951 with Quentin Crisp, Edinburgh April 1996 Quentin, a great hero of mine whom I met several times for lunch in New York (though he never seemed to remember me from one meet to the next) was briefly and reluctantly in the UK for the launch of a Scotch whiskey named after him. I was asked to interview him for Gay Scotland magazine. See my blog for an archive of the interview. 24137952 With Michael Sheen 15-3-09 Taken on Platform 10b Kings Cross at the end of an epic journey from York. We met by chance on the train. See my Blog for more... 29825946 with Jonathan Ross 8-5-06 Horrendous but historic photo taken right after the interview Ross did with me on his BBC R2 show 30019002