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Tuesday 2nd April 1996

Posted by David Benson on May 21, 2020 at 10:25 AM

Tuesday 2nd April 1996 11.05am (Edinburgh)

 Every day I get up and think ‘Why?’ I look at the flat and I see a tip: coffee cups, glasses and plates strewn about; ashtrays, Rizlas and god knows what. And as for my lungs. I was lying there in bed last night convinced I could feel the beginnings of lung cancer. Well, we’re all going to die of cancer eventually, I suppose, many of us sooner than we expect. The death rate will surely go down in – no, I mean the age of death will go down in the next century, as we all succumb to cancer and diseases not even thought of yet. Yes, a terrible plague will sweep the third world and in vain will we try to keep it from our shores. We will become Fortress Britain all over again. The Channel Tunnel will be forcibly blocked. Anarchy will reign for a while, before the forces of the State prevail and brutal order is restored. But the Great Death, the terrible disease will find its way here. And the Powers that Be will secretly rejoice because they’ve not been able to pay the Welfare and Pension bill anyway. There’ll be some strain on what’s left of the Health Service, but it will be a good opportunity to get rid of it once for all. By 2020, the 1940s, when it was all set up, will seem like the Stone Age. The 1990s will seem like ancient history. Still, I am glad I am about now. Even with it all, this is a good time to be alive. It feels as if opportunities are rife. But I still have to wait until the time is right.



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