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Monday 29th September 1980 Coming out to Miss Thomas

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Monday 29th September 1980

…what a significant day it has been today! I saw Miss Thomas, as arranged and we talked and then I got onto my history and then, with will-power of a force I very rarely have to summon, told her I am homosexual. At first, I couldn’t bring myself to say it. I faltered after asking for strict confidence and asked if she had any idea what I was going to say. She said it was very important if you had someone you knew would be like ‘the Bank ...

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Wednesday 7th January 1998 Sheila Hancock and John Thaw

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Wednesday 7th January 1998 (London)


…Last night was excellent. I was very conscious of keeping my concentration after the debacle of the previous night, and it went smoothly from start to finish. Very satisfactory show. I wasn’t going to use Rockin’ In Rhythm at the start but Dominic talked me into it. I just didn’t get worked up about it. They kept talking loudly while it played and then I entered to total hush. I could tell before I went on th...

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Tuesday 2nd April 1996

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Tuesday 2nd April 1996 11.05am (Edinburgh)

 Every day I get up and think ‘Why?’ I look at the flat and I see a tip: coffee cups, glasses and plates strewn about; ashtrays, Rizlas and god knows what. And as for my lungs. I was lying there in bed last night convinced I could feel the beginnings of lung cancer. Well, we’re all going to die of cancer eventually, I suppose, many of us sooner than we expect. The death rate will surely go down in – no, I mean the a...

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